Friday, February 4, 2011

Rathaus Eistraum

It's ice-skating season in Vienna. The rink in front of the Rathaus (City Hall) is open and bigger than ever. It's three rinks with connecting paths off to one side. There's also a small rink with wooden penguins and bears for young skaters, who are just learning, to hang on to. On evenings and weekends, this rink is used for an ice-bowling game.
S.G. got to go skating with our class before he moved back to his home country. We were so thankful that he could come along and have that experience with us at the end of his time here in Vienna.
These 5th graders enjoyed skating with their German teacher, Frau Deisenberger. She is especially good at instructing the kids in extra-curricular activities, like skating. She does a great demo on how to carry, put on, and use your skates before we start our ice-skating field-trips. She also goes to the rink early to arrange the skate rentals so the kids can hit the ice as soon as we arrive and get the most out of the time we have there.

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