Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Krakow - "The Other Prague"

Josh, Beth, Amanda, Carrie and I took a trip to Krakow, Poland over Ski Week. I'd heard wonderful things about this city from some of my students and their parents. I was pleased to get to see it myself! It's a beautiful, clean city, easy to navigate and lovely to explore.

We took a golf cart tour of the Jewish Quarter and the Ghetto. It was a narrated tour, full of history about the sights we saw, but our tour driver was just as informative and very entertaining. He was a university student, who joked that he didn't have a driver's license. At one point, he drove us onto the sidewalk leading up to a cathedral and dropped us at the door to have a peek inside. He energetically declared, "Everything is possible in Poland!"
This is Schindler's factory, featured in the movie 'Schindler's List'. Mr. Schindler employed many Polish Jews here during the German occupation. He was able to save over a thousand Jewish lives by keeping them from being sent to the concentration camps. Pictures of Jews who survived the holocaust because of their employment in Mr. Schindler's factory are posted in the windows.
This is Wawel Castle. The varied architecture and building materials made this castle really interesting to see. So many different spires stand tall above this part of the castle. We weren't able to take a tour of the inside, but we certainly enjoyed walking around the outside and courtyard of the castle.

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