Saturday, April 26, 2008

Elementary Field-Day

On Friday, VCS elementary students enjoyed Field-Day! The students rotated between six different events, testing their speed, strength, and coordination. The Tug-O-War was one of the students' favorite events at Field-Day. In this photo, fifth graders - the BLUE team - use their muscles and a little bit of strategy to pull their way to victory.

At the Sack Race event, students hopped in a sack to the end of the mats and back. Once back at the starting line, the sack was passed to the next teammate and the race continued. The winning team was the first to get all members back across the starting line.

The Sponge Pass was one of the most exciting Field-Day events. Students stood in a line with a full bucket of water at the head of the line and an empty bucket at the end of the line. The first player soaked a sponge in the full bucket. The sponge was then passed in an alternating fashion over one person's head and between the knees of the next person. The last person in line squeezed the water left in the sponge into the empty bucket. When the time limit ended, the team with the most water in the "empty" bucket won.

Friday, April 18, 2008

High School Musical

So you've heard I am playing a percussion part in the VCS spring musical, High School Musical, and for those of you who thought "Liz? Percussion?" (I admit I thought that too!), here are the pictures to prove it's really true. It's been a blast to develop a new skill and to jam with the rest of the pit band as I've watched thirty-some students sing and dance their way from cliques to teamwork from behind.

Here's the full cast photo including directors, set and costume designers, and pit band members. The musical is sold-out and runs Thursday and Friday evenings, with a matinee showing on Saturday.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

4th Grade Geometry Fair

The fourth graders recently held a geometry fair and invited classes from our school and our Austrian "sister" school to attend. The fourth graders issued tickets to their fair and manned a wide variety of geometry activity booths. The timing of the fair was perfect for our fifth grade class, as we are just beginning our geometry unit in math class. Here several fifth graders work on a geometry activity led by a fourth grade student (in blue).