Friday, April 18, 2008

High School Musical

So you've heard I am playing a percussion part in the VCS spring musical, High School Musical, and for those of you who thought "Liz? Percussion?" (I admit I thought that too!), here are the pictures to prove it's really true. It's been a blast to develop a new skill and to jam with the rest of the pit band as I've watched thirty-some students sing and dance their way from cliques to teamwork from behind.

Here's the full cast photo including directors, set and costume designers, and pit band members. The musical is sold-out and runs Thursday and Friday evenings, with a matinee showing on Saturday.

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Sarah Lise said...

Look at you in "the pit"! What a great picture! I'm so glad you're enjoying the musical... don't you want to see the Disney movie version of it now? :)