Thursday, February 28, 2008

Starring Anne Hutchinson

This month fifth graders have been studying the early American colonies, focusing on the southern, middle, and New England colonies. When we studied the Puritans and the Massachusetts Bay colony, students participated in a Reader's Theater performance about Anne Hutchinson. Each student had a part in the performance and even though Anne got kicked out of the colony at the end, we had a lot of fun learning about her life through this interactive presentation.

Birthday Celebrations

Elementary kids love to celebrate their birthdays by bringing treats to share with the class. This month we celebrated Saron's birthday with a delicious chocolate cake and several renditions of various Happy Birthday songs. We also interviewed Saron about her special day, giving her a chance to tell us about the day she were born, memorable birthdays through the years, and how she planned to celebrate with her family.

Four-Square Friends

The fifth grade girls are becoming skilled Four-Square players and the game is gaining popularity at recess. In this photo, the girls took a break to pose with Kelly (center) on one of her last days at our school before she moved back to Taiwan with her family. Even though it's fairly common for kids to come and go in the international school, it's never easy to say good-bye to good friends like Kelly. Our class still keeps in touch with Kelly by email and we enjoy hearing about her life in Taiwan.