Friday, February 4, 2011

Korean Children's Symphony

This is the Musikverein in Vienna, the famous concert hall where the New Years Concert takes place each year. I was given a ticket to attend a performance here this week. The performing group was the Yeodo Korean Children's Orchestra.
Eighty children performed in this orchestra, playing works by Wagner and Dvorak, as well as traditional Korean pieces. A group of boys played Korean drums and gongs in the first traditional song. A group of girls played long, narrow harps in the second traditional song. The sound of these traditional pieces was so different from other orchestral music I've heard, but very beautiful nonetheless. It felt so special to sit in the concert hall where the New Years concert is given and enjoy this performance. I know that I could appreciate the music of these children because of the experiences I've had working with Korean children at school. The dedication and intensity I've seen ICSV students put into their music lessons makes me appreciate all the work, talent and heart behind the music floating from this stage in the Vienna Musikverein.

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