Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Break in Holland - Part 1

Three ICSV teacher-friends and I traveled to Holland over Spring Break. What a fabulous trip! The weather was gorgeous and we got to see everything we wanted to while we were there. We visited a clog museum and saw how clogs are made. Nowadays, they're cut with a saw in 5 minutes!
Amsterdam was full of bikes - way more than we expected! Now I understand why it was such a big deal when the Nazis took away the Jews' bicycles! Everyone rides a bike here. Some bikes even have an attachment on the front that looks like a wheelbarrow of sorts. Two kids can ride in them, plus groceries.
We stayed in Amsterdam with family members of the deJongs (see Holland - Part 2), but took several day trips outside Amsterdam. The countryside was beautiful. There's lots of water in this low-lying country and windmills, just like you see in books about Holland.
On our last day in Holland, we went to Amsterdam to see the Corrie Ten Boom house. The watch shop is still there, although no longer owned by the Ten Boom family.
The tulips were in perfect bloom during the week we were there. We went to Keukenhof - a very large tulip park - and took hundreds of pictures. The tulips there came in so many colors and varieties. We even got to climb a windmill and see tulip fields below!
Here's our group: Nicki, Amanda, me and Carrie. What a fun time we had touring Holland together!

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