Monday, May 16, 2011

Edinburgh, Scotland

I'm taking advantage of my last months in Europe and travelling to places I really want to see before I leave. Last weekend, I traveled to Edinburgh with my Scottish friend, Jayne. What a beautiful city!
We wandered through some of the wynds and closes, admiring the architecture, stairways, and flower boxes. We also visited several tea shops for a proper spot of tea and scones with cream and jam. Loopy Lorna's tea shop used these fun tea cozies over the teapots!
Jayne and I enjoyed a free tour of the Scottish parliament building. The parliament wasn't in session, but we enjoyed reading the displays about the history of this law-making body and the construction of the building. It was designed by an joint-architecture team from Barcelona and Scotland. Materials used in the building came from various parts of Scotland and the building was built to look as though it's emerging from the land.
We also visited a fudge shop where we got to watch the process of making fudge! This batch of fudge is Strawberries 'n Cream. I bought a slice of toffee fudge as a souvenir to share with my class.

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