Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yeah for Dinner Parties!

Sandi Joy and I made tacos and invited the Averys and Pitottis over for dinner. Ron and Judy are our neighbors (Judy finds all the apartments for new staff members at the school) and Nels and Sandi graciously welcomed Sandi Joy and I to stay with them until our apartment was ready in August. Good food and conversation made this a wonderful first dinner party in our home.

Here is Nels when he first arrived, expressing his excitement at the meal to come and showing off his new houseshoes. It is customary in Austria to remove your shoes when you come into a home and wear houseshoes on your feet.


Schrades said...

Hi Liz,

Looks like great company for good food (do I recognize that rice dish?). Keep up the good work getting out and around, holding social functions, and being a cool 5th grade teacher. Thanks for sharing your blog with me!


Charity said...

Hey Liz....about Christmas I know that we don't do gifts but those house do I get a pair!! JUST KIDDING!!! Sounds like Korea.
Loved the apartment, glad you are on the top, less noise, more air, great view of the sky! =0)