Sunday, September 23, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Here's the view of my new home from the outside of the apartment building. Sandi Joy and I live on the top floor. You can see our apartment windows in the upper left corner of this picture.

Here's the view of our neighborhood from the kitchen window. You can see the tall buildings of downtown Vienna in the distance and the hills surrounding Vienna beyond that. Sandi Joy and I have a small breakfast nook built into our kitchen just below this window, so we often enjoy this view when we eat meals there.

This is the inside view of the kitchen. The washing machine is located right next to the dishwasher. It is fairly common in Austrian homes and apartments to find the washing machine in the kitchen.

This is the living room, with large windows/doors that let in plenty of light and air.

No home tour would be complete without a view of the bathroom. In European fashion, the toilet is located in its own room (the watercloset) and the shower and sink are found in this room.

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Karly said...

I like it, Liz. Looks very clean and cozy. A great space for you three.