Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Paris Visite

Between the end of school and my flight home to the States, I had the opportunity to go to Paris. It was my first time back since moving to Austria. The weather was perfect and the city was beautiful. Above, see a view of the city from the towers of Notre Dame Cathedral. Below, looking up at Sacre Coeur with summer flowers in the foreground.

I stayed with my friend Anna during my visit. It was fun to catch up on 5 years of life and to be out around the city together. The first night I was there was Fete de la Musique - musicians were performing on sidewalks, street corners and in parks all over the city. Anna took me to one of her favorite restaurants which served up huge, delicious salads in metal mixing bowls!
The best surprise of my visit was running into a former student from L'Etoile du Nord School in MN. Moira was visiting Paris with her sisters and mom. We spent the afternoon touring Notre Dame together, while I got an update on where former students and teachers have ended up. Such fun to see friendly faces in the middle of such a big city!

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