Friday, April 23, 2010

Easter Visitors!

My Aunt Susan and cousin Laura came to visit over Easter Break. We had such a good time together! I really enjoyed showing them around Vienna and sharing my life here with them. Here they are on their first U-Bahn ride.

We took a weekend trip to Salzburg over Easter weekend. Laura got to see the Austrian Alps! The weather was beautiful and it was special to be together with family on a holiday. We went to a Good Friday mass at a Catholic church and heard lots of church bells ringing in the celebration of Easter.

One of my favorite things we did together was to take a carriage ride through downtown Vienna. I was given some money for my 30th birthday to do this and we used it together while Aunt Susan and Laura were here. We invited my neighbor and friend, Judie, to join us. The city is especially beautiful when seen from the seats of a horse-drawn carriage!

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