Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Liz Turns 30!

What a fun day of celebrations! It's official - Liz is 30. Here I am celebrating at lunch with the other elementary teachers. This cake is a traditional Austrian Sacher Torte. It's a chocolate cake (but not sweet like American chocolate cake) in two layers with apricot filling between the layers, frosted with chocolate frosting.
One of the most special parts of the day was the birthday party that my class organized for me with the help of their German and ELL teachers. They kept the whole thing a secret, so I had no idea until the party began! The students brought me 30 of various items, like 30 teelights and 30 pieces of chocolate. They also prepared some special lessons for me in all of our academic subject areas. I had to take timed math test, on which all the answers were 30, and use the letters in "Ms. Stevens" to spell 30 words on a spelling test. Their ideas were SO creative and unique! And of course, we had treats at this party, too.
A family from school and church hosted a birthday open house for me in the evening. Many friends came to share some cake and their good wishes for my 30th year. The daughter of this family is one of my fifth grade students. She was so much fun to celebrate with because she was so excited about the open house - she talked to everyone, took lots of pictures on my camera, and seemed to enjoy the gathering as much as I did!
Thanks to all who sent cards, emails, Facebook messages, and gifts. You made my day wonderful!

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