Monday, September 14, 2009

Staff Retreat 2009

Our staff retreat was held at the Romanian Baptist Church in Vienna. The facilities were just right for our group. Being on the opposite side of the city made it feel like we had gone away for the weekend, even though we were still in town. Altogether, it was a refreshing and relaxing time.
Tom led one of the praise and worship times. He chose songs that followed a blues pattern and asked Lukas to play bass and me to play the electronic drum set! That was a blast!
The dining hall room was a bit crowded with a group our size, but the food was delicious and nobody complained. We ate traditional Romanian dishes throughout the weekend. My favorite dish was cabbage rolls, filled with rice and ground beef inside.
The No Talent Show is always a hit and this year was no exception. These two guys did a very funny skit in which they pretended to be representatives from our insurance company here to answer questions about our policies. Most issues they addressed eventually wound their way back to "personal negligence", "failure to pre-certify", and "using services outside the PPO network". Funny stuff!During free time, I took a hike in the Vienna Woods with a group of staff members. The forest smelled wonderful and it felt great to stretch our legs and enjoy nature together.

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