Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spiritual Emphasis Week

"Uncle" Jerry Jacoby came to VCS as our Spiritual Emphasis Week speaker. It was an incredibly fun week filled with a great message - God loves us very much! Uncle Jerry played guitar and led all the kids and teachers in singing fun songs. He included the teachers as sign holders and motion leaders throughout our chapel gatherings. I took to wearing my tennis shoes to chapel because Uncle Jerry liked to call me up to hold a sign, then wait just until I'd taken my seat only to call me right back up again! The students thought that was a great joke.

Uncle Jerry also dressed up as a different Bible character each day (although he always wore the same costume for each character!) and told Bible stories that showed the students how much God loves people. At the end of the week, he explained how students could know God's love more by inviting Him into their lives. Spiritual Emphasis Week with Uncle Jerry was a great encouragement and lots of fun for everyone!

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