Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Field-Trip to the U.N. Center

Last week, fifth graders took their first field-trip of the year. We went to the U.N. Center to participate in a celebration of "50 Years Exploring Space Together". One nice thing about field-trips in Austria - no need to reserve and pay for a yellow school bus to get the group there and back. We took the u-bahn both ways.
Here we are getting all checked in before going through security to enter the U.N. facilities. Each student had to wear an official ID tag and all accompanying adults had to show their passport to enter. Thanks to Miss Woodbury, this field-trip was well organized and lots of fun!
Once inside the U.N. Center, we saw pictures and video clips about space exploration. Our guide shared a summary of all that has been accomplished in the past 50 years of space exploration and the goal to put astronauts on Mars within the next 50 years. Students got to drive a remote-control rover on fake Mars terrain and try on astronaut gloves. We left with posters and astronaut figurines as souvenirs.

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