Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Sad End to Frenchie

While most items I shipped to Vienna arrived in good condition, my bike was not so fortunate. Despite being well packed, it looks like it might be bent beyond repair potential. Here's to my Peugeout, affectionately nicknamed Frenchie. It had many happy rides in Madison, Minneapolis, and Saint Paul. It was well loved and will be missed. Tributes to loved vehicles run in the family - to see my brother's farewell to his Astro minivan visit and click on February 2006 under the archives section. While Frenchie's end might not compare to that, I'm sure she was heroic to the end and I'd be remiss not to publicly share my sadness at the loss of my dear bike.


Dennis said...

Liz, I think you need a new bike.

Theresa said...


I'm sorry to see the tragic loss of your beloved Frenchie. I hope you find another bike that is equally good to you as Frenchie was.